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The equivalent is ostatus_subscribe?acct=<user link> but it looks like isn't working for Mastodon either? Or maybe nobody's using the Fediverse anymore and it's just a bunch of dead accounts?

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Anyone out there know offhand what the equivalent of mastodon's authorize_interaction URL is? Trying to use pytrunk on another account and not having much luck

The fediverse is quite amazing when you consider how many borders, social constructs and expectations it breaks.

Keep challenging the status quo, because people like us are the kind of people that change things.

We make things better, together ✌️ #oneLove

A thought I had ...

"They want to keep us tired and drained, worried about paying our bills rather than having time to think and revolt"

I'm positive we Americans have it an order of magnitude better than pre-revolution Russians, Chinese, or Vietnamese.

If we have time to Facebook, we have time to study theory and plan. We in the Imperial Core are far too accustomed to leisure, and that's the real problem.

Ordinary worldling mind: Magic is pseudoscience
Sravaka mind: Physics envy indicates areas of magical thinking among scientists
Going forth mind: Physics itself is a derivative of mathematics, math is a purer field
Stream entrant mind: Math is incomplete and the "purity" of a field of science is not itself a metric to be considered in experimentation unless it is somehow the testable subject of the experiment
Once-returner mind: The scientific or unscientific qualities of various forms of magic lack a universal bearing on their role as a series of practices.
Bodhisattva vow mind: Pseudosciences are magic

I think I needed to get fucked up and I for sure succeeded

Can't wait to see what tomorrow's like

I think Fire Force's second opening is my favorite anime opening of all time

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Come to feudal Japan, we got

- huge boomerang girl
- mr vacuum hand
- doppelganger priestess
- lil red bow wow
- feather boa demon
- one-winged harpy
- emo shredder
- na na na na na na
- evil baby

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I'm beginning to feel like I can actually do JS for a living.

Now to convince someone else of that ...

Every fedi instance should have a #feditips account until there is no "official" feditips account

I say this because:
1) Every fedi instance should be able to contribute their tips
2) We need to crush all forms of centralization and abolish the idea of "official accounts"
And 3) if this is abused its an easy block list for ya anyway

Fireworks tailed off early this year. And thank God because my dog is a mess and my kid is only just now getting to sleep.

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