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We all say we want to live like Diogenes but when's the last time you spit in a rich man's face or threw a plucked chicken at a philosophy professor?

Never, not once in history, has an old order given way to a new peacefully.

LDS 2x02 

Giant Spock skeleton, oh man

I bet most of those skeletons pertain to previous Trek monsters but I'm not going to take the time to figure them out

Aw Boimler's nerdery saved the day

Oh and he's a transporter duplicate now, cool, cool, I see where this is going

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LDS 2x02 

Ok so far I see the game from The Game, Armin Shimerman's head from Haven. This one is going to be Callbacks Galor, I can tell.

Seems Boimler isn't thriving on the Titan.

I wonder if Johnathan Frakes is happy with his increased role this season.

Is that Odo's bucket? And a Horta nodule? Riker's trombone, uhh a pair of gravity boots from STVI?

Khan's necklace? The candle from Ronin?

Oh he's a puppet


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LDS 2x02 

Blurring the nudity with the sonic shower vibrations. That's a new one. I see they're showering Starship Troopers-style, interesting, interesting.


A "Collecter's Guild?" Is this Guardians of the Galaxy now?

Hahaha I wondered if they were going to do the metaphor gag the whole episode.

Ugh when is Boimler coming back. Jet's hot but he's no Boimler.

Oh there he is, on the Titan. Hi Boims! Ooh, and more Riker.

Ooh, new Goblins *and* new K6BD?

Looking a lot like Christmas

It's really fucking wild how well Aristotle is remembered giving how routinely he was, as some might say, full of beef shit

Imagine explaining the Shipping Wars to your great-grandfather


tfw you're always, always the one to check in on your friends and family, never any of them checking on you

Accusing the US of failing at nation-building in Afghanistan is like accusing GTA of failing at being a dating sim.

how can you look at a locked grocery store cabinet full of diabetes meters and not immediately understand the violence inherent in the system we live under

covid anti-vax thoughts 

I’m angry, but they don’t deserve to suffer and die, because no one with any health issue deserves that.

The people pushing this garbage won’t suffer. They had the vaccine and they can afford the best treatment.

We need to work for expanding our healthcare system. Getting hospitals back into rural areas, training doctors and nurses. Universal health care.

If we deny treatment to people for one reason, then all reasons become justified.

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Ugh "blue alert." Someone beat up a cop, notify every phone in the state

Fuck cops

If the individual is "empowered" but the oppressive system remains unchallenged, it's not radicalism, it's bourgeois.

remember, if you're not converting every scrap of your free time into capital, are you even participating in the soul crushing and exploitative system to the best of your ability and acquiring an ephemeral and fluid symbol of status that ultimately won't have any value once you die, are you even a real person?

It's "rein in," not "reign in." It's a horse metaphor.

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