How do you primarily access Mastodon?

@clonejo oh same, this is in response to learning that the "official" pronunciation is vee-eye, but I've never known anyone to say it that way.


for a second there it really hit me full force that we didn’t even /try/ to halt the for-profit part of our healthcare system during the worst global pandemic this century has seen. we really expected people to still pay their hospital bills, their insurance premiums, while under threat of mass death. not a single finger lifted against it.

@clarjon1 it is highest the day you are born and steadily decreases throughout your life

@jimbo yeah I'd have to say its ubiquity on servers and iot / embedded devices is the strongest argument

So, vi. Is it:

So, vi. Is it:


Sometimes being a parent is the best feeling in the world.

Other times your baby wakes up at 2 am and refuses to go back to sleep.

Good mooooooornin Fediverse

How's everyone doing this fine stormy morning?

@n8 The pvc doesn't really provide anything other than weatherproofing so it should be fine

@sabogato does it have session persistence? haven't gotten that far in the docs yet

So many creepypasta seem predicated on things behaving in an unusual, usually gory or vaguely sexual, manner. Teeth becoming erect when we get hungry, say, or what if that mind-control ant fungus afflicted humans. And that's all well and good, but the answer to all of them is "we'd be used to it and wouldn't think twice about it" because it's specifically the weirdness that makes these hypotheticals uncomfortable.

Emacs isn't a text editor, it's a terminal multiplexer with a text editor built-in.

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