TIL about [[Fred Hampton]], a Black Panthers leader who was assassinated by the FBI and Chicago Police: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Ham

@volt4ire Is Signal better than self-hosted Matrix, from a privacy perspective?

@thegibson I remember what I did on the VAX cluster 30 years ago -- I used telnet to play Loch Ness.

White Americans be like "I'm an individual! I do what I want!*"

*Only where and when the authorities, social peer groups, and value systems tell you to do what they want you to do when and where they want you to

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@Captain this is so interesting -- I've never experienced the one-sidedness you describe in the games I've run and played in.

Maybe I'm misremembering but isn't regaining a hit die equal to rolling the class's hit die? 1d4+2 averages 4.5, which is equal to a d8 and only one less than a d10.

I do like the idea of heals also granting temporary buffs. I might mess around with that next time I run. Thanks!

@Captain ... is at its core about trading actions for HP and that's really it. If you make more healing available you then have to make the monsters hit harder to achieve the same tension, which makes healers more essential to a party but doesn't fundamentally change the game, and I'm opposed to anything that makes certain party compositions "required." That was a big problem in 4e and I'm glad they've moved away from it.

But we'll see once the next cash grab I mean edition comes out, eh?

@Captain There isn't a rule out there that players haven't learned to abuse /shrug

I didn't play a lot of 4e because I hated it but I did play 3e and earlier and I have to say that Healing Word is a literal game-changer. Really so are the death and dying rules, and the two interact with each other to make in-combat healing worth bothering with at all.

I'm not sure what exactly you want to see out of healing and I don't agree at all that 5e combat "lacks tension." Healing ...

@Captain Healing in D&D has always been suboptimal, from the earliest editions. Healing surges and hit dice recovery *were* the 4e and 5e attempts to fix that.

@argr Did Pelosi decide to visit there? Are they trying to prevent info about that from circulating outside official channels?

If you're at least three of the following:


Then let me know because I want to be following you.

Greek and Spanish sound the same because they use the same words, they just mean completely different things

Am I saying "lemon bread" or "all-merciful?" Nobody knows!

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