"Piracy" isn't piracy in any meaningful sense and usually involves no theft. It's a violation of the license agreement on the part of the original sharing party, sure, but "unauthorized copying" doesn't play as well in court or the media.


If someone makes a copy of an album they have and gives it to you, you haven't stolen anything. If it's a copy of a show they taped off broadcast, they didn't even steal anything. So why is it suddenly theft when a torrent is involved?

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RIAA voice: actually the first example is also stealing!!! >:(

@SeanAloysiusOBrien No, "stealing" is what you're doing when you take the full album price and give the artist five cents, because in that case someone has actually been deprived of something their labor has entitled them to


RIAA voice: but I'm taking such a big risk by owning capital!


the intellectual property side of things is so funny because big capital holding production companies are less necessary than they've ever been for so many kinds of art (music, film, and so on), and yet they have more legal control over their """intellectual property""" than ever as well

@SeanAloysiusOBrien If I ever start making any money as a performer, my recordings will be freely available and I'll make my money performing, as it should be

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