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Start with "raise" and "doubt"

Start quordle with "gaunt", "drips", and "celom"

Start octordle with "stock", "graph", "filmy", and "unbed"

You're welcome.

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TIL about [[Fred Hampton]], a Black Panthers leader who was assassinated by the FBI and Chicago Police:

White Americans be like "I'm an individual! I do what I want!*"

*Only where and when the authorities, social peer groups, and value systems tell you to do what they want you to do when and where they want you to

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If you're at least three of the following:


Then let me know because I want to be following you.

Greek and Spanish sound the same because they use the same words, they just mean completely different things

Am I saying "lemon bread" or "all-merciful?" Nobody knows!

One tactics cops use is to make friendly chat and then it gets psychologically much more difficult to just cut them off and stop answering.

When you are just making jokes on WhatsApp and the talk turns more serious, it's very hard at the moment somebody is disclosing their worst fears or whatever to interrupt them to ask them to move platforms. The best way to be a good friend is to not use WhatsApp at all.

Facebook work for the police. Facebook are the police. They will hold everything they can against you in whatever way maximises their profit. If you have WhatsApp on your phone, you can use it to delete your account and then erase the app from your phone.

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"A series of landmark U.S. court decisions found that Acevedo did not have the right to control how his brain image was used, with the result that MMAcevedo is now by far the most widely distributed, frequently copied, and closely analysed human brain image."

And it gets worse from there.

Is the Russia-Ukraine war the crack that will splinter the globalized world or do I just not pay enough attention to the news

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